SDRPlay RSP1A Panadapter and K3 Diversity Receive

The 40M FT8 “Watering Hole”

I got the RSP1A hooked up as a Panadapter for the K3. At first I was disappointed until I read Tom’s Win4K3Suite online manual and found that you have to download and install a special panadapter scope driver and then set the Global Offset to -6530. Once I did that, the K3 Win4K3Suite looked at good as the Xonar – KX-3 combination. The only thing that is missing is the Audio Scopes – which also used the Xonar.

Few signals on 40M CW these days . . . 

Besides getting the RSP1A panadapter set up on the K3, I had some time to really try dual stereo diversity with the UrbanBeam in Antenna 1, and the KY6R Optimized 40M Delta Flag in the RF AUX BNC port (when you have a KAT autotuner, this is where your RX IN goes (its a bit bizarre – I vaguely remember my old K3 (that did not have an ATU had me plug my NCC-2 with the Wellbrooks into RX IN. In any case – it works.

Once I get the second KY6R Delta Flag up, that’s when the rubber really meets the road – especially because I will have the two loops separated by more than what I did when I had two Wellbrook ALA1530LNP loops. Its very interesting how 80 foot separation is significantly better than 50 foot. 100 foot is even a bit better, but the jump from 50 to 80 is a lot more significant.

Until I get the second loop up – I can at least enjoy “basic” dual diversity receive. Being more of an SWL these days – I am really loving this – plus looking at the WIn4K3Suite panadapter. I’m sure this will be this years “theme”. Last year it was “Antique Wireless”. . . heh heh.


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