Two Wellbrook ALA1530LNP’s or W6LVP’s vs. the KY6R Loop on 40M

In EZNec, its no contest, the KY6R Optimized 40M Delta Loop kills the Wellbrook and W6LVP Loops

A pair of the KY6R loops still beats the Wellbrook or W6LVP loops on all bands from 160 – 20M. It sure seems like the small “aperture” loops are very good for their size, but bigger seems better as far as signal goes – and when you phase two – it gets even better.

Going too large also doesn’t work as well – the medium size KY6R Loop does beat out the larger KAZ and DHDL on 40M. I’m pretty convinced at this point that what I’ve modeled is what will end up being the best.

Other good news – I replaced the shitty Keyspan RS-232 to USB adapter, and I haven’t received a crash and Windows 10 Blue Screen of Death. My theory that the Keyspan driver dated 2010 (and yes, that’s the latest driver) was so old that it just doesn’t work now that there has been 10 years of updates. No duh.

The cable I have is FTDI with a driver from FTDI and its obviously modern and supported by FTDI. Windows found the driver immediately, and no crashes in running Win4K3Suite for hours.



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