Big Mag Loop EZNec Plots

Two Big Mag Loops Phased Using the NCC-2

The KY6R “Big Mag Loop” – 25′ circumference with 8′ diameter 

With two of the Big Mag Loops pointing in the same direction – we get this pattern:

Two Big Mag Loops “In Line” and phased offers a nice pattern – both are pointing North and South

Of course, these two aren’t always pointing “in line” – that is possible for North and South (actually slightly NE and SW). If they were both pointing East and West (actually slightly SE and NW):

East and West are the directions when my loops are in this position

When the antennas are phased and pointing in the same direction, either in line or side by side, it seems like the gain and F/B goes up

When the antennas are “juxtaposed” – or off angle from each other, I think the pattern enters a situation where the two work against each other. This is when the NCC-2 can electrically rotate the null so that you use one antenna to null out a noise or other station and then switch in more of the antenna that you want to do the work toward the station you want to hear. It can get very complex.

What is most fascinating about all of this is that you can really start to understand the “three dimensional” nature of radio waves.

KBND – 1100 AM – with a truly local night time pattern – far away from Orinda

This coverage map, courtesy of is a real testament to how well my phased loops – especially the Big Map Loop are working. As soon as the second Wellbrook FLG100LN preamp arrives, I will put up the second Big Mag Loop. I am really sold now.

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