Two BIG Reasons To Go With a BIG Mag Loop

The BIG magnetic loop has some really great features

The big mag loop is a little bit noisier than the smaller W6LVP Loop, but its relative to its higher signal level – which is 2 to 3 S units better than the W6LVP. Both loops lets me stay on the air – the heater doesn’t wipe out the band – nor do neighbors electro-crud – and this alone means I am on the way to realizing the whole reason and goal for doing this project.

But the icing on the cake right now is hearing KBND 1110 AM – or any AM station in Bend since they are fairly low power stations, and even though one is a (gag) Fox News station, I’m interested in just hearing smaller AM stations in the smaller markets than the big cities. This speaks well of the weak signal ability of these loops.


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