KAGO – Klamath Falls, OR vs. KEIB – Covina, CA (1150 AM)

Even with no preamp at the KY6R Big Mag Loop, KAGO in Klamath Falls, OR can be heard – night time pattern

We drive through Klamath Falls on our way back home from Bend, Oregon, and have stopped there for lunch many times. Their local AM station is only 1000 watts at night, and on 1150, they share the frequency with KEIB in Orange County, CA. HOWEVER, both of these stations have patterns that keep each others signals from clobbering each other. The NCC-2 can select one or the other just by turning the Phase knob. I believe I am electrically steering the signal – where the two inline loops end up using the Big Mag Loop as a reflector in one position and the W6LVP as the director for Klamath Falls up North, and vice versa for Orange County station KEIB.

KEIB in Orange County – near Covina – night time pattern

This is exactly what I was hoping for – all of the features that I am seeing now (even with a Big Mag Loop and no preamp and a smaller, lesser W6LVP Loop), is very encouraging.

OK – I now have it all nailed. TWO KY6R Big Mag Loops – copper and with Wellbrook ALA100LN preamps is the way to go.

Tonight, the K3 preamp is filling in for the missing Wellbrook preamp, but I think the K3 preamp is a lot noisier than the remote Wellbrook preamp. In fact, I have been keeping the K3 preamp off in all of my listening and testing.

Well, I mentioned Twp tests in a recent post – but I did forget to list that one thing that was eliminated for good was the KY6R Optimized 40M Delta Flag. It was “too good to be true” on paper (EZNec), but it failed in a real world on the air test.

Onward with my new and improved Big Mag Loop!

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