Wellbrook ALA100LN Preamps

The KY6R Big Mag Loop Will Use the Wellbrook ALA100LN Preamp

I’ve been sharing my results with Andy Ikin of Wellbrook – and he has taken an interest. He suggested that I return and swap the FLG100LN preamp for something that will work even better with the Big Mag Loop – which is his ALA100LN preamp. WOW – what great service. The FLG100LN actually did work with the Big Mag Loop – but he said one is best with a wire Flag and the other a mag loop, so I expect it will be even better than what I experienced last night – which was hearing small market, low powered AM radio stations in places like Bend, Oregon.

I will use 3/4″ copper coil tubing for the elements

The LMR-400 looks a bit “floppy”, and I want this to look good – so I’m going with copper coil.

I will use this box for the feedpoint – with the copper coming into each side at the top holes

This PVC 2 gang junction box will protect the Wellbrook Preamps, and act as a strong anchor for the copper tube at the bottom of the antenna.

These 3/4″ ferrules will let the copper tube pass through and I will figure out a way to hold the copper tight and attach the two wires to the preamp

Each feedpoint box will have a weatherproof door for easy access

It turns out, the redwood is still the best choice for the frame, and now, the 3/4″ copper tube will look nice, symmetrical and maybe even be better than the LMR-400 – if having a bigger receiving surface makes a difference.

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