Super Loop Sunday and the Creepy Christmas Station – KLIB?

By 4:30 PM PST, the “All Christmas Music , All The Time” Creepy station fades away

Mike, KJ4Z found KLIB using the Radio-Locator and says that sometimes AM radio stations will play something in automated fashion just as a “placeholder”. I know this to be true – because KPIG AM on 1510 out of West Oakland played on their AM transmitters while they were trying to lease the station and frequency out to a Chinese station. Last year that Chinese station went off the air and KPIG AM came back on the air – but only for a while.

My parents retired and lived in Roseville, so I know the area. KLIB 1110 AM is licensed to a company that says they have Vietnamese language programming, so maybe they are going through what 1510 AM did with KPIG and the Chinese station. In any case, I’ll make sure to listen at or around 4:30 since it is pretty cool when the fade happens and night time “skip” opens up.

Its also pretty cool to have something other than Fox programming on AM Radio. I do wish KPIG would come back on 1510 – that really was the last great AM radio station – and it was fun listening using the 1931 National SW-3 receiver.

OK – enough on the nostalgia – I didn’t even realize today is Super Bowl Sunday – something I don’t participate in and haven’t for at least 15 years. I think back when professional football and then baseball teams had a strike I decided to deep 6 any interest in professional sports.

Like Facebook and Twitter – I decided it was a total waste of time and never went back. Today I am much more interested in getting the copper tube and finish building the KY6R Big Mag Loops.

For me, its Super Loop Sunday!

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