W6LVP Loop vs. Wellbrook ALA1530LNP vs. KY6R Big Mag Loop

KY6R Big Mag Loops

I’ve sold my W6LVP Loop. It’s a very good product, and pretty close to a Wellbrook ALA1530LNP, but I preferred the Wellbrook. I do NOT like having a coax loop – its floppy and when I compared a 24′ circumference coax loop to a 3/4″ copper tubing 24′ circumference mag loop – the larger copper tubing was noticeably better (no preamps used in the chain). Larry, W6LVP offers a great product at a decent price and his support is excellent. The same goes for Andy at Wellbrook.

As far as preamps go – the W6LVP, Wellbrook and the DX Engineering preamp modules for the NCC-2 are all very low noise and very impressive. I’m sure one or the other might have better detailed specs, but to the ear, I rate all 3 of these as A+ – above average products. I know for sure that the “basic” MFJ Mag loop RX antenna is well built, but its preamp is a lot noisier than these three. However, MFJ has a new “professional” model out – maybe they have a better preamp. The loop itself was actually better built than either the W6LVP or the Wellbrook, but in the end, the preamp is critically important.

Its not a fair comparison, but my KY6R Big Mag Loops using the 3/4″ copper – plus even just the NCC-2 preamps is by far the best out of all of these products. The Wellbrook ALA100LN preamps are on their way – so I expect to even step up a notch performance wise – but its great to know that I don’t really have to have a preamp at the loops to have great performance.

I will write up how the ALA100LN’s work vs. using the NCC-2’s preamp modules. That will be one of the last tests – at least using the NCC-2. After that, I will test the NCC-1, which should be better on 40M due to its filters.


2 Comments on “W6LVP Loop vs. Wellbrook ALA1530LNP vs. KY6R Big Mag Loop

  1. Interesting to read about your adventures in loop-land. My favourite loop amp is by LZ1AQ (http://www.lz1aq.signacor.com/), and he writes some excellent papers regarding loop antennas. My plan was to use his phasing system, but after some thinking I got the NCC2. Still have to figure out how to place the loops for optimum performance given my puny garden. My current antenna uses a two 1 square meter loop which is supposed to give better performance on higher frequencies due to less inductance, a simple 1 m loop may be too small for lower frequencies i.e. 1.8MHz. The amps can be bought at http://active-antenna.eu/ . Me? Just a happy user. Had a Wellbrook loop that died a premature death, but as long as it worked, it was no better than the LZ1AQ-loop. Wellbrook, too expensive and too much hype, so I may end up re-use the alu loop along with a LZ1AQ amp to save some money. 73 SM5GLC

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