Greyline Spooky Christmas Music

Every day, right during the Greyline, Christmas music wafts in and then is replaced by KBND

I think I agree with Mike, KJ4Z, that some AM radio stations will transmit what is basically a “placeholder”, for various reasons. I know that KPIG at 1510 AM had periods where they were testing and tuning their transmitter and they did something similar. KPIG also leased their West Oakland radio station to a Chinese station for a good 5 years, then when that lease ended, KPIG came back on – and they did not announce that they were back – but it was temporary. It did last a lot longer than I had expected, so I was thinking they were trying to find a new taker for their station.

I am guessing its a low power test signal, because it is heard only for about 1/2 hour each day and its right as KBND from Bend – about 400 miles away starts rolling in but with deep QSB, and when the D layer must be receding.

It is creepy since if they ID – I am not listening to them long enough to hear the call letters. I am quite sure its KLIB in Roseville – because their signal did get a little bit better when I turned the loops NE – in their direction.

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