Audacity and Xonar Studio

Super Open Source Audio Recorder Audacity – with 2 recorded tracks

I now have Win4K3Suite controlling the K3, its panadapter is fed by an SDRPlay RSP1A, the audio chain going from the line out to the mic in on an Asus Xonar U7 MKIII – and it also feeds the audio scope in Win4K3Suite.

The recorder is awesome – way more than what you need to record radio stuff – but its well designed and fun.

Asus Xonar Sonic Studio is a nice tool to play with the Xonar U3 settings

The Sonic Studio ensures that you are giving Audacity the best audio to record- its very “utilitarian” – but is quite well done.

When I finally settle on stereo diversity with the K3, I will need to just change the audio line in – which is mono now – to stereo. Then I will do stereo recordings. Without stereo diversity – using the RX IN port on the K3 – even though my headphones play in both ears – its mono.

Stereo diversity adds a whole new world.

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