KY6R V2.0 (QRP, SWL, Experimenter)

Elecraft K3 with Win4K3Suite, NCC-2, Begali Sculpture Mono and test gear

Now that the KY6R Big Mag Loops are done, and all modules are installed in the DX Engineering NCC-2, I was able to take a shack “action shot”. Speaking of Big Mag Loops:

The KY6R Big Mag Loop Feedpoint – Wellbrook ALA100LN preamps

I used a step drill bit to open a hole in the bottom of each box which would let me plug the BNC connector in the preamp with no problem, and also allow for any condensation to escape at the bottom.

Feedpoint boxes all buttoned up with a weather tight gasketed cover

The first thing I did was test for the Oakland International “TIS” or travelers information service AM radio station at 1700 AM. Its a low power (I think 10 watt) station that I couldn’t receive before – without the preamp at the antenna. So, that’s a first good result as far as my tests go. Here is a recording showing the TIS station and then when you hear the static – that is me just switching the NCC-2 from Norm to Rev – which reverses the phase, sometimes called anti-phase. Yowza – night and day.

I will test the two new Wellbrook ALA100LN preamps for at least a few days, then I’ll try the Dual Diversity feature on the K3 – by plugging the output of the NCC-2 into the RF AUX in on the K3.

The tests after that will be with the NCC-1 and where I start concentrating on 40M and even 20M – since there are filters in the NCC-1 for those bands.

One Comment on “KY6R V2.0 (QRP, SWL, Experimenter)

  1. Dibs on the KX3!

    I have been following your receive antenna process closely. My next antenna project is going to be replacing the W6LVP coax loop with a larger loop. I’ll take a slightly different path and use a longer hunk of 9913 terminated with BNC connectors and call it a day. I am too frugal to buy the NCC.


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