What I Want in a KX-4

After a walk in the Ham Radio wilds, I’m again a 100% Elecraft fanboy. The reason? “Extensibility and Versatility”. No other manufacturer comes close as far as being able to customize the radio to your requirements.

If the KX-3 had two receivers as my new (used) K3 does, I wouldn’t have bought the K3. However, the K3 with KPOD and with the Xonar U7 MKIII sound card, Win4K3Suite and the NCC-2, it’s way more of a dream than the K4 is. I have succeeded in souping up a K3 to exceed the features that come with the newer radios.

And one thing I no longer want is an LCD screen built into the radio.

I really wanted to try a Flex, but when you can buy a fully loaded K3 with 2 receivers at a maximum price of $1800, it’s half of what a Flex with 2 receivers would cost. And the K4 is in a price range that is beyond what I want to spend.

Now a KX-4 with dual Diversity receive at $1800, that’s my dream. No LCD screen, please. They add to the cost and drain the battery. That’s why for me, that new Icom KX-3 competitor is a non starter.

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