Creepy Xmas Music Caper Solved! (KLIB – Roseville)

Sometimes, fact is stranger than fiction . . .

Mike, KJ4Z wins the big prize for guessing that the radio station I have been hearing – that plays this creepy “generic” repeating Christmas music in a loop is KLIB from Roseville. In fact, I have “tapes”!

This is when I first start hearing the music and station – at about 4:20 PM PST (how appropriate):

Using the new Wellbrook ALA100LN preamps and several settings on the DX Engineering NCC-2, I can pull that really weak signal out of the noise:

This was the moment I realized that the KY6R Big Magnetic Loops was a crushingly good success! However – on 160 and 80M – not on 40M – more on that in a subsequent post. Lets continue down this mysterious creepy Xmas music trail.

This might have been about as loud as it got. Remember – its February 8 now – and this station only pops up into view (ear) between about 4 PM to 5 PM – but really, from 4:20 – 5 PM with any strength.

By 4:39 it starts fading. I heard a station ID – loud and clear. YEP – it was KLIB in Roseville for sure. It fades out completely at 4:45 PM PST – but then makes a comeback:

Yeah – my partner and I are tag teaming this mystery . . . 

By 5 PM, it was pretty much gone – and the Bend, Oregon station, KBND started taking over.

I can still hear the stations I have been hearing before I added the ALA100LN preamps – but now I am also hearing the really weird weak stations – like KLIB.

It just so happens that I have a very personal connection to Roseville – but I’ll save that story for another time and place.

Stay tuned . . .


2 Comments on “Creepy Xmas Music Caper Solved! (KLIB – Roseville)

  1. What’s my Major Award???

    Your loops are sounding good. It makes sense that KLIB would fade in and out around that time. They are a 5 kW daytimer but only 500 watts after sunset. Since that channel is primarily allocated to two clear channel stations back east, everyone else further east of California will be in darkness by that time of the evening and will have had to cut power or gone QRT to protect the clear channel stations, leaving KLIB effectively regionally dominant for a short period of time before they too have to cut power. The interplay between skywave and groundwave, power levels changing, and the band “going long” constitute some of the ineffable mysteries of radio that interested a lot of us in the first place.

    AM is really a zombie band. The FCC will yank your license for going silent (if someone reports you) but they don’t really seem to care what your content is so long as you are broadcasting SOMEthing. Even if it’s seriously stale synthesized Christmas music just in time for Easter. I have heard that some stations have just hit the wall and gone silent, and it’s taken the FCC years to find out and cancel their license. Obviously, nobody gives a tin sh-t anymore, and it’s really sad.

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