KBOI – from Zero to S8

Before the Wellbrook ALA100LN preamps – I did not hear KBOI in Boise, Idaho at all. That was a real surprise since its a Clear Channel 50KW station:

They are a 50KW station, but at night are directional with their coverage

Its amazing that before the Wellbrook ALA100LN’s I could not hear a peep out of this station, and now – they are very strong.

KBND is now S9 +20 – which is an incredible improvement. I know they were below S9 before the ALA100LN. And as advertised – the preamp is very low noise. KAGO is also up signal wise the same amount.

I’m very pleased that I listened and tuned around for this past week – because I have a great baseline for my test.

The Wellbrook ALA100LN’s are the bomb!

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