The ON4UN Lowband DXing Book – 5th Edition – 10 Years Later

The ON4UN Low Band DXing Book

I have absolutely revered the ON4UN Low Band DXing book – but it has a HUGE gaping hole in it. It doesn’t even mention magnetic receiving loops. Tom at his website does mention them, but they have been passed over for Flags, Pennants, K9AY Loops, Beverages, Double Half Delta Loops. Sure – if you have the acreage – you can put up several beverages, but what if you are on a postage sized suburban lot?

You know what? I FAILED going down the flag / EWE path – even the K6SE variants – which are ground independent. They modeled very well in EZNec but were anemic at best compared to my Big Mag Loops. My K9AY array was awesome until a neighbor put up something in his house. I didn’t bother with short verticals (DXE and HiZ). The truth is – since the last Edition of the ON4UN book – we now have to deal with more RFI than we ever had a decade ago – when the final edition of that book was published. In this regard – the book is now out of date.

My success was to not just go with the commercial magnetic receiving loops (Wellbrook, W6LVP, DX Engineering Pixelpro and MFJ), but do something MUCH better. However, just with this list of mag loops – you can see that a new antenna sub market has started and grown since the 5th Edition of this book.

The KY6R Big Mag Loop with Wellbrook ALA100LN. Something that would need to be in the 6th Edition of the ON4UN Lowband DXing book – that will never be printed – but really should be.

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