Maximum Usable Frequency: How Low Can We Go?

Like a Pathological Narcissist Ruining a Free Democracy, we ask “How low can we go?”

The answer is “Pretty damned low”. Oh right – the Ionosphere. The MUF is right now at 2 mhz – and I see that red blob up north where the MUF gets down in the AM BCB range. Life at the bottom of the cycle.

Lets hope things start improving – what goes down must go up, right?

2 Comments on “Maximum Usable Frequency: How Low Can We Go?

  1. Keynes said the market can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent.

    Maybe the MUF can stay below 7 MHz longer than you can remain breathing.

    Maunder Minimum II — this time, it’s personal!


    • I think during the day the MUF might be higher – I’ll have to check. But if the MUF is only 7 mhz in the middle of the day, that would mean forget about any really long DX. The stations I did hear last night seemed to be calling the E44 – I’ll have to pay more attention what parts of the US might have heard the E44 on 40M.


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