National SW-3 and Indoor Loop Antenna?

Check out Dave, N2DS’s web site – its really awesome. He has built quite a few loop antennas and many crystal radio sets.

I purchased this piece of vintage test gear a few months back

Late last year I purchased two vintage pieces of test gear – and I had fancied using the case to build a Paraset like “Spy Radio”. I might use this one for a spy radio – or perhaps just a crystal receiver like Dave, N2DS has done, and maybe use the other wooden case for a base of an indoor loop antenna.

The only piece of radio gear that I haven’t been able to sell is the National SW-3, which is a very cool regen receiver, and I have the coil set for the upper part of the AM BCB band and 160M. So, it perfectly fits using an indoor loop antenna – just as a conversation piece in the shack. I have shelf space above my work bench – so if I can’t sell it, I might do that.

I do have two different “Paraset” kits, but am not so sure I will build them – instead, I might sell them. This is because the more I thought about it – the more I realized that the Elecraft KX-3 is like a modern much higher performing rig and in many ways is even more like a Paraset rig (in spirit) than these kits are. With the Begali Adventure Mono key attached – its just too much fun – so my nostalgia kick pretty much evaporated before the clock hit 2020.

I am glad I did try my hand at old tube rigs – but I know for sure that that has “jag” has passed, and I have returned to the one thing that keeps me in Ham Radio more than anything – antenna experimentation – even more than CW. I have to admit – restoring the Gold Dust Twins power supply was a blast, but designing and building the KY6R Big Mag Loops are more my style for sure.


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