ARRL DX Contest @KY6R

20 Meters was a huge surprise today – I worked 3 new QRP New Ones . . . 

There was a great late afternoon opening – to both the Caribbean, and to Southeast Asia at the same time. I was very excited to be able to test the loops on 20M vs. the UrbanBeam – and guess what? The loops now perform the Diamond Inverted Vee on 80M and the UrbanBeam on 40 and 20M. Using the UrbanBeam with the Loops in Stereo Diversity its a thing of beauty – and a lot of fun – but just switching to RX IN using the loops – I can see that the loops are now killer from the AM BC band all the way up to 20M. I did do some 30M tests, and yes, the loops also perform very well there – better than the UrbanBeam.

That is how hot the 20M band sounded – using Diversity Mode.

This is V3T from Belize – where he is weak on the UrbanBeam but strong on the loops.

I snagged Indonesia, Belize and Paraguay for new ones toward the FREQ300 – and I was only just testing a few things in the shack and wasn’t even thinking about the contest.

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