FREQ 300 #41: Hong Kong – VR2XAN

40M Was Also Open Nicely for the ARRL DX Contest

WOW – the bands are in great shape for the contest. I now have ZERO noise on all bands – or something close enough to zero – more on that in a minute.

The ARRL DX Contest has got me all caught up with my FREQ 300 goals – which is to try to work a new one QRP every week – and I have now worked 6 new one’s – which covers the last 6 weeks which has been devoted to the KY6R Big Mag Loops project and BCB DXing. This contest has confirmed without  doubt – the loops are great from the AM BCB up through 20M. The bands above aren’t open enough to tell what will happen “up there”.

That is perhaps the best example of Diversity Receive on the K3 yet – both the UrbanBeam and the KY6R Big Mag Loops are equal in signal, but when one has QSB, the other picks up the slack in most cases. You can hear the “ping ponging” between left and right – left is the UrbanBeam and right is the sub receiver that has the loops.

The CLRdsp – takes out that last little bit of band noise and its a headphone amplifier

I needed a headphone amplifier for a new pair of headphones, and this little device works great – its subtle and another tool in the arsenal – but it is useful and it does work. The only problem (and maybe its not a problem) – but because its a mono device – meant more for a speaker than stereo headphones – you have to combine both channels back to mono so if you are listening in Diversity RX – the signals are blended back and you don’t get that “ping ponging” from left to right – but you get a continuous strong signal. This could be a really good thing – because the ping ponging does get tiring after a while.

On another note – I’ve added the 75/50 ohm transformers, Receiver Guard and Preamp modules to the NCC-2, and while I like the transformer and preamps – the receiver guard is a bit annoying. It seems to be a bit “over zealous and chatters even though I am only running 5 watts QRP. It almost seems to be too sensitive. I might remove them because I am not worried about the 5 watts getting back into the receiver and causing damage. Right now I can’t use the NCC-2 when I transmit. On receive, the NCC-2 with loops plus UrbanBeam is simply the best setup I’ve ever had – even better than when I had the two Wellbrook ALA1530LNP loops phased through the NCC-2.

I still do have to try the NCC-1 soon – just to see the difference.

3 Comments on “FREQ 300 #41: Hong Kong – VR2XAN

  1. Hi Rich,
    About the Rx protection board. The latest time I charred frontend of the secondary rx path of my NCC-2, I decided to make ingenious use of the Spare board. It can easily house a small 12V relay which cuts out anything sneaking from 2nd input, uncompromised. Cheers, Paul sq5nry

    Liked by 1 person

    • That sounds great. The receiver guard almost seems over engineered. I like you simple approach much better


      • I will send you a photo of my hack shortly. As simple as it gets, PTT control is at the connector. Yup, also wondering about the original approach 😉
        BR., Paul


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