KY6R Big Mag Loops on 80M and 30M

The Front to Back is even better on 80M than the AM BCB and 160M

The gain is also higher on 80M than this plot – which is 160M

The elevation and azimuthal patterns are the same on 160 and 80M

I have noticed crazy good performance on 80M as well as 160M, but in some ways, these loops seem optimized for 80M. That might be a “happy accident” because I know for a fact that they work very well on the AM BCB, 160M and 40, 30 and 20M as well.

WWV at 10 mhz is S9 +10 on the UrbanBeam and S9 +20 or even a bit more. However, there was a lot of QSB when I checked – since the band was closing down just after sunset.

The loops are great on all of the bands that I care the most. As always, horizontal and vertical polarized waves will predominate during different times of the year and different times in the sunspot cycle. Maybe in the summer the UrbanBeam will be king – or maybe it will have more noise and the loops will be king – it will be very interesting to see how these new antennas perform year round and as we climb out of the bottom of this cycle.

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