The KY6R Curtain Array(?)

A Shortwave  Broadcast Station Curtain Array

I need to start paying attention to VP8PJ. Why? Because of 3Y0I.

I agree with Mike, KJ4Z, that here in the Bay Area we do get a decent daily opening to the Southern Atlantic, after all, a fellow named Bob – a VP8 from the Falklands used to pound into the Bay Area daily.

While my favorite band is 40M, lately 20M has been much better, so I need to pay close attention to propagation with VP8PJ – recording band, time of day, and best openings. I expect conditions for 3Y0I will be a lot better for 3Y0I than they are now for VP8PJ.

I’ll probably go with a multi-element Bruce Array, which requires no ground system. I have two tall trees plus my AB577 tower for the center. The direction I can go is perfect for Bouvet.

I’ll do A-B tests against the UrbanBeam. If I build it for 40M I’ll compare it and see if it offers the gain the various articles say it gives over my UrbanBeam. I can get a 3 element up. If I go with 20M I could get a 6 element up and would have a potential monster signal.

I learned with the Big Mag Loop that EZNec isn’t always correct as far as one antenna compared to another. I’ve found that EZNec isn’t great with vertical ground systems and also magnetic loops.

I’ll get the tower up to 65′ as part of this “Summer Project” and hang the top of the array 5 or 10 feet below the UrbanBeam.

I’ll need to get a new antenna analyzer and will no doubt try a VNA this time.

It will most likely be fed off one end or the center, and while it doesn’t require ground radials, I will need elevated counterpoise wires – maybe 2 or 4.

Next post will be EZNec models with the height up 55 or 60′. Right now I’m leaning toward 5 elements on 20M.

Oh yeah, 30M might be an even better choice?

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