DX Engineering NCC-1 vs. NCC-2 Test

I’ll try two shortened verticals against the NCC-2 with the two KY6R Big Mag Loops

I have a friend who needs a phased receive array of some sort.  He has very little space – so even two Wellbrook ALA1530LNP loops might be too big for his space. His TX antenna is a SteppIR Vertical. His lot is 35 by 100′, so separation is really tight.

I think two phased verticals is an electrical antenna – so I could turn them into loops by attaching wires to the verticals so it looks like a sailboat sail:

Sailboat Loop

It will be interesting to compare the two. The NCC-1 does not have preamps – but it does have 20 and 40M filters – so it will be an “Apples to Oranges” test.

I learned with the “KY6R Optimized 40M Delta Flag” antenna that what models well in EZNec is not necessarily the best antenna – especially when you are comparing antennas that work in the electric vs. magnetic fields. As you know – the KY6R Big Mag Loops didn’t model in EZNec as well as the Delta Flag, but it “ran rings around it” (terrible pun intended).

“Right Hand Rule” – the Key to Magnetic vs. Electrical waves . . . 

Its a lot of fun to have had a big success and now try something slightly different for a friend – given his limited space. His rig is the Collins Gold Dust Twins, and he has two 75A4 receivers, so I am going to figure out of we need two preamps or not. Since I had the Twins – I do know how the TR switching works, and I do know that we can have two receive antennas – either two going to one receiver and the SteppIR going to the other, one RX antennas to each receiver – or even have both RX antennas and the SteppIR antenna used  for RX. Of course, only the SteppIR is used for TX.

I am quite sure that the front end of each 75A4 is more “bullet proof” than any of the new solid state receivers, but what I don’t have figured out is whether preamps will be needed. I do know that the preamps I used on the KY6R Big Mag Loops is not what we will need for this project – but perhaps another Wellbrook preamp will be used instead.

We shall see.


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