The 11 Year Solar Cycle “Itch”?

One thing to look forward to this year – improving solar cycle conditions and Cycle 25

The ARRL CW DX Contest last month had really great conditions – I worked quite a few corners of the world with QRP and had more fun DXing than I have had in years. In fact, I kind of like jumping into CW contests just to test what low power can do – because by the last day – when stations are begging – they seem to hear me as if I were running serious power. I have known this for a while – but it is fun regardless.

With so many things in the world seeming to be falling to pieces, its important to remember the good things and the fun things – I had a great bike ride yesterday, I had a blast writing a song and playing mandolin, and I listened to a short bit of the ARRL SSB DX contest. WOrk has been great – I had a banner week last week and finally figured out what a “Modern Data Pipeline” whould look like – which, along with my recent CCPA expertise and experience, I will be able to be very employable until I retire.

Bad times won’t last forever, and they aren’t always bad – its always a mix. You have to remember to “accentuate the positive”. Sometimes its hard – but it is always in our control, and no one elses.

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