Corn on the Macabre

Zombie Catcher

Life was good during the Obama years – we were on the mend after the disastrous Bush / Cheney / Rumsfeld “House of Evil” followed by economic carnage. I figured that nothing could ever be worse than that. Until 2016. The worst “President” ever in the history of the US is presently holding the US hostage in a way I could never have imagined before.

Feedback Loop. . .  ( . . . You are your own worst enemy)

One easy thing to predict is that as long as the GOP and Trump are in charge – you will get something even worse than the Bush years in the end. I’ve had this feeling of dread since The Great White Hoax slithered into office.

Unipig (Mitch McConnell)

I do understand how those with money and who understand how the stock market is manipulated by promises of eliminating regulations and giving the rich tax breaks – paid for by screwing the middle class – what is even left of it. But this short term “money grab” will result in long term chaos and a disintegrating USA. The “I Got Mine” class will one day have their “oh shit” moment.

Uncle Thaddeus and Aunt Mabel

Oh well, what can we in the middle class do but vote. I gave up praying many years ago – I find solace in the bizarre, absurd and gothic these days. That and playing guitar and mandolin – I suppose the arts is a place of refuge. I do understand how times affect artists and their art.

Haunted House

Oh well, whatever gets us through the rough spots I suppose. I’ll never say “It can’t possibly get any worse” like I did during the Dubyah Days – boy was I wrong . . .

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