Garlic for the Vampire is a Skull Necklace

A Necklace of Skulls is a Better Vampire Deterrent than Garlic

My childhood best friend and I created “The Monster Club” in New Jersey in 1966 or so – and then his family moved to the San Francisco Bay Area just a few years later. Mark’s Mom and my Mom immigrated to the US from the UK after WWII. They were both in the UK version of the USO – (ENSA). Just by supreme coincidence – my family moved here in 1979.

Its 2020 – Make Sure You Keep Your “Social Distance” (commonly known in California as being a neighbor in your neighborhood)

In 1979 my family moved to Pleasanton, CA. It was anything but pleasant. My neighborhood in NJ and my College in PA were very warm and friendly as far as living in a community and a great 1960’s era neighborhood. We all knew each other, and even had house parties – the parents and the kids. It was really great.

I visited my family in 1979 – half way through attending Lock Haven State College in Lock Haven, PA, and I couldn’t stand it. California felt so “plastic”. Fake, phony.

After one year living near Rochester, NY at my first job out of college – in Fairport, NY (actually quite a nice place), I moved to CA. I stayed with my parents until I had enough money to move out – and landed in San Francisco. WOW – that was the best – from 1984 – 1994 I was back in heaven – San Francisco was the best “big” city – it was so “accessible” and really friendly. Lots of different kinds of people – you couldn’t help but meet someone you’d have fun with.

That all died with the first “Dot Con” wave in the late 1990’s – but I was lucky to experience the Last Great Decade of San Francisco. It will never be that good again – unless you are a start up or very rich CEO – but WTF – I slipped in and out of SF when it was still great.

Today I saw some hope here in the suburbs – where nobody has anything to do with their neighbors – parents were out walking their dog with their kids. I saw more people in my neighborhood than I even knew lived here.

Maybe we will even start to say “Hello” to each other! Who knows – maybe there will be some good to come out of this Panademic?


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