Life During Wartime

Fall 2019: No Power But Plenty of “Groceries”

Last Fall we had three power outages to prevent our area from burning down. That was regional, and what we have now is global – which is mind blowing. I can’t remember ever being through a world wide pandemic. I do remember regional epidemics though.

Last Fall’s emergency did get us to purchase a big 55 gallon drum plus many other containers for water. We purchased from the local Orinda CERT Team, which has many Ham Radio Operators on board. That is the best local use of Ham Radio – ironically it’s not even the radio part that matters as much as the logistics part. They did such a great job making these available and now we have total peace of mind water wise. 

A fight broke out over toilet paper today at the Orinda CVS

I could give a shit about hand sanitizer – I started washing my hands years ago with good old hot water and soap – since I ride mass transit – which is a germ breeding ground. But toilet paper – what in God’s Good Name has these anal retentives bobbing, squinting and farting over TP? I am now looking into those new-fangled Toto Bidet’s – the hell with Toilet Paper!

I’m very proud of our local politicians and regional Senators and Representatives. They have a strong voice in Washington – but also have a great presence here, and frankly, have shown far more leadership that the current White House Regime. 

One thing I have noticed – if Trump wanted to really hit the ball out of the park – he would have taken this Pandemic and faked empathy and leadership – but his ego keeps tripping him up. There are several new commercials that chain his response – calling the Coronavirus a hoax and that he had it under control. That string of screw ups is exactly the opposite of how he could have handled this – but as I have said in the past – the only person who can bring Trump down is Trump (actually its his ego). Testing is already a month late . . . that will cost lives for sure.

Others have risen up – Biden’s response was presidential and should have been Trump’s response. Trump has had unbelievable luck – but it has run out big time. He will carry the stigma of not handling this as he should have – and even when this blows over in several months – the stain, strain and pain will continue in the economy. He was his own worst enemy, and his ego whacked him at the worst possible time in his campaign.

The first Coronavirus case was back in November . . . and the Chinese PM did the same thing as Trump – sat on it . . . . I noticed that these two Stable Geniuses are slamming each other in the media – amazing.

Of course, the most important thing is that we all get together, stop hoarding and adopt a “Life During Wartime” routine. And switch to bidet’s.


3 Comments on “Life During Wartime

  1. Change your blog title?

    Don’t count Trump out yet. By rights he’d be gone already, but he has a fanatical support base. They’re about to be sorely tested, but they haven’t broken away… yet.


    • OH yeah – the blog title. I feel like I’m almost out of topics to talk about Ham Radio wise. I suspect the Ham stuff will take a back seat to just ramblings and musings . . . not sure, really


  2. His fanatical supporters will stick him like people who send money to televangelists. All preached to on AM “Talk Radio” – which is just crammed with Fox Fake News stations. And TV of course. Fox has had several irresponsible imbeciles parroting the “Coronavirus is a Hoax” Bullshit.

    Idiocracy is real in the us – that’s for sure. There’s no cure for it too.


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