Pandemic Silver Linings

El Nino Does a Dramatic Reading of Bukowski’s “Play the Piano Until Your Fingers Bleed”

OK – now we are “sheltering in place”, and work is still going great – I’m very lucky to be in tech – where I spend my days in front of a laptop and a couple of monitors. In fact, one “silver lining” is that people at work are actually communicating more – and better now that we are all home. My boss and I agree that its a way for people to have human contact, and so its great to see one bright side to this pandemic.

My first mandolin – which I have fallen in love with

I have been teaching myself how to play mandolin, and between that and my guitar, I now have more time to play. Previously I only had the weekends where I had enough time, but now I can take a break and use the time I would have been commuting to play.

My commuter bike is now my gym

My gym is closed, but ironically, I have felt the need to start riding my bike longer rides at least 3 times a week – which means I’ll be stepping up my exercise.

Now I have the time to do this.

I’ve been somewhat bewildered, and yes, angry about the Pandemic – mostly because the situation was made worse than it should be – but I don’t harbor anger very long – I usually figure out a way to (as the very funny Monte Python song goes) “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life”:

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