Vernal Equinox Has Sprung

Spring Has Sprung – and Radio Conditions Might Get Interesting

When I was OCD about the ARRL DXCC program, Winter was my favorite time of year for trying to work ATNO’s, but there was always big and fun surprises during the Autumnal and Vernal Equinoxes. Today is an early Vernal Equinox, and here is a very interesting article regarding this:

My Geochron 4K large screen map looks awesome as always – it is easily one of the best ham radio related purchases – and has transformed my ham radio shack as much or more than any other “occupant” in my shack:

The KY6R Ham Shack – with awesome Geochron 4K wall map / clock

For now – this is also my home office, and I’m liking this so much – and am more productive working from home that I think I might start WFH every Friday – after this “shelter in place” order is over. I still love the interaction with other humanoids – and love my gym, so I doubt I’d go completely WFH – but maybe once a week could be a nice change.

For the last 3 days I have been quite concerned – the bad chest cold that I had that started on December 22 – and lasted through the first week of February seemed like it was going to return. But my body has fought it off. It was like a lighter version of what I had before – and so while its impossible to know what it was – it still intrigues me that it could have been Covid-19. On that note – it pisses me off that the news reports that Coronavirus is up 40% in the last 24 hours. That is downright irresponsible – as bad as Trump saying that “We have it contained”. Testing in the US really has only just started – so of course it looks like a big spike. Then there are countless people who have had no symptoms and who never have or will get tested. As a Data Architect, I learned early on – that all of this “Big Data” and “Data Science” work in the world is based on very poor quality data. I hate to say it – but I think Data Science has been way over emphasized and relied on. Garbage in, Garbage out.

Today I am going to start my new “gym” – getting back into riding my bike more often with longer rides. I’ll still commute to and from BART when we are out of the woods with this Pandemic, and believe within a couple months we will past the worst part. I do think the idea to “flatten the curve” is the responsible thing to do – and is not too much to ask of everyone.

We are all in this together, and we will get through it.



6 Comments on “Vernal Equinox Has Sprung

  1. I too had a shortish, mildish cold in January, and then some difficulty a couple of weeks ago where it felt like I was having the slightest bit of trouble breathing for a few days, and I’ve been very lethargic ever since. Never had a fever, have had the occasional very slightly sore throat or runny nose, itchy eyes, but nothing else overt. Have had some strange symptoms though that remind me of when I had a viral infection in my spinal cord. Hard to know if it’s just allergies or something else. It will be darkly humorous if it turns out we’ve all had it all along.

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    • I just noticed the news outlets are at least mentioning that the uptick is due to the fact that we’ve only really are starting to test seriously. Another article said people will start questioning why the US waited so long to test. Glad to see at least some critical thinking in the normally over sensationalized news


      • The caveat “this is if there are no mitigation measures taken”. The date of that is March 8 – so now we know why Newsom ordered what at first seemed a bit over the top – but he was way ahead of pretty much everyone else on this.

        The math is off too – but I’d rather prepare for the worst and hope for the best. And now I am especially glad that he did what seemed a bit “draconian”. He might have helped prevent a big chunk of what was projected.

        Glad there are some politicians doing there job.

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      • Yes. I’d much rather have a leader who “scares us straight” rather than one who sweeps it under the carpet and gets us killed. This is one of those cases where honesty is the best policy, because you can’t hide the truth anyway.

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      • Best Covid-19 quote so far from Dr. Fauci – “If it turns out that I looked like I was over reacting, then I will have done my job”.

        I’m also convinced that people have been exposed to this virus since December – especially in the Bay Area where so many traveled to and from China and other Asian countries. Combine this with LA as well – and even if that sobering prediction becomes true – some of the numbers already came and went and will never be accounted for. In fact, I expect that the numbers the CDC reports will always be lower than actual – unless as my doctor says – they will be going back and re-testing flu samples taken in the past several months where those patients sought medical attention.


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