Life During the Pandemic

My “Covid-19” Gym

Last Friday I pulled my old Cannondale road bike up from the basement and fixed it up for road riding. My commute bike is great for going to and from BART, but I have been wanting to extend my gym workouts with longer road rides. The “shelter in place” is the perfect excuse to do so – and when I fixed this bike back up, it was before Governor Newsom and local authorities sounded the “shelter in place” alarm.

My “Covid-19” Workspace – my Ham Radio Shack

I can do everything at home that I do at work – and the only thing I am not doing now is going to BART and work or the gym – which are the only places I go to where I could be exposed to the virus. Since Kat and I are home bodies who ride our bikes on weekends – and me to work every day, life is not all that different. I am also thankful that our California representatives took action and did something to help us citizens avoid the virus as much as we can.

Today, Kat and I went on a really nice ride around Lamorinda (The “Lamorinda Loop”), and I saw so many people walking on the Lafayette – Moraga Trail – which is an old rails to trails trail – and people looked very happy to be out and about. I am sure we passed several people – and their kids who were as thankful as we were for the 60 degree temperature, sunshine and beautiful trail with its meandering Las Trampas Creek and even a waterfall along the way. I know for a fact some might have just discovered this gem for the first time – so that was cool.

The ride on all of the Orinda, Lafayette and Moraga roads was exceptionally lite – so it was even better than going to the gym, actually. However – when the gym opens back up – I will only use it for weight lifting. My cardio now will switch to what I used to do every day – years ago – get my fat ass on my bike at least 5 days a week.

Of course, eating well and exercising regularly go hand in hand to building your immune system so you can fight these nasty viruses.

Life goes on just fine . . .

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