CE2LR: Dual Diversity on 20M

Dual Diversity – KY6R Big Mag Loops (Left – low to the ground), and the UrbanBeam – (Right)

Its been fun to see that the KY6R Big Mag Loops – phased through the DX Engineering NCC-2 are holding their own above the AM BCB and 160 and 80M – which they have been stellar at.

Testing on 40M and now 20M has proven that the loops are very worthy in the KY6R DX “Toolbox”:

This recording is using dual diversity – with the Loops and the UrbanBeam. In stereo, I hope you can hear how the signal might QSB a bit – but almost as soon as it seems to fade – the other antenna picks up some signal. The effect – besides a cool “ping – ponging” between headphone “cans” is that the signal always remains intelligible. The switch in phase is fast enough that its very rare that even one character in CW is dropped out.

This is a big deal because I wanted to have the best dual diversity setup I can – and I now know I do from the AM BCB – through 20M.


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