Cycling = Freedom

Cycling is a Way to Get Your Freedom Back

During this weeks Shelter in Place order, most people I know here in the SF Bay Area are in tech and are working from home. Three years ago I sold my car and have been only using a bike to get around – until a month ago – when Kat bought a new car and now the old BMW X3 is mine. I hardly ever use it – I still prefer my bike to the car.

What I learned early on – and it was counter intuitive – the bike makes me feel free. The car makes me feel like I am stuck in a regulated box. In the morning I whiz by a long line of cars dropping their kids off at school and then frantically trying to get that last parking spot at BART. They can have that stress – not to mention the additional cost. Paying for a monthly parking spot is pretty expensive these days – and burning gas while stuck in a long slow line just sucks.

This week – with everyone sequestered at home – I’ve seen all kinds of people of bikes with big smiles on their faces. They just realized how we aren’t stuck in our homes as a prison, and that its very easy to “Socially Distance” on a bike – since getting closer than 3 – 6 feet is downright dangerous. On the rails to trails people are a bit close, but on the roads – nothing. There is hardly any traffic – so I feel like I have the road to myself.

One of the best silver linings in our newly minted dark cloud.

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