CKFR – Kelowna, British Colombia and COVID-19 in Canada

Tonight I am Hearing a CBC Station from British Colombia

Growing up in Northern NJ, I used to love listening to Radio Canada International – it was better than most shortwave radio stations. Tonight – for some reason, either the skip is skipping over KAGO in Klamath Falls – or maybe their power is set lower than normal.

CBC station CKFR’s programming is excellent – much better and more interesting than the tripe we have on the US AM Band – which is Fox News. I am listening how their national health care basically has their Coronavirus covered for everyone. They started testing in January. They are making the US look like a bunch of pikers:

So much for the US “Doing a great job”. Yes – the front line health care workers are doing their best and deserve all the help and kudos they can get – but our government has failed us. $2 Trillion but no ventilators and the most disorganized response to the worst health issue in my lifetime.

By contrast to the US – Canada a rapid response department and they were ready for Covid-19 because they had planned after SARS. The GOP has crippled Obamacare and Trump got rid of our Rapid Response Unit for Infectious disease. As much as I said I don’t want to be political – this is right in my face while using the KY6R Big Mag Loops to do some BCB DXing.

The US can learn a ton from our neighbors to the North. And you can bet your bottom dollar that I will now be looking for Canadian AM BCB stations – what a refreshing thing to listen to smart and very interesting radio – devoid of politics and advertising.


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