Karma – R. Holoch, 2008

From Wikipedia:

Karma is the executed “deed”, “work”, “action”, or “act”, and it is also the “object”, the “intent”. Wilhelm Halbfass[3] explains karma (karman) by contrasting it with another Sanskrit word kriya. The word kriya is the activity along with the steps and effort in action, while karma is (1) the executed action as a consequence of that activity, as well as (2) the intention of the actor behind an executed action or a planned action (described by some scholars[9] as metaphysical residue left in the actor). A good action creates good karma, as does good intent. A bad action creates bad karma, as does bad intent.[3]

As I mentioned in a recent post – I was raised – and I raised my two Sons to base their lives on The Golden Rule. The Golden Rule “Treat Others as They Would Treat You” is a Christian ethic, and I was raised in the Episcopal Church, and I read the Old Testament as well as the New Testament. I knew from an early age that taking the parables and lessons too literally, and looking at fools who use the text and twist it to make money (Televangelists especially – but also Politicians), that they are the “Money Changers” that Jesus threw out of the Temple. I know a shyster, charlatan and Money Changer when I see one. I am no longer religious – and its because religion has been perverted in the US by politicians and charlatans to the point where I am sick of it. I still try to live my life in the way I was thought. Its ironic – but I feel I am more Christian than most self pronounced Christians.

In the positive light of all of this – and one reason why I almost always delete my political rants is because after my initial anger – I realize that “What goes around comes around”. I know I have mentioned this in several posts – but I sometimes have to remind myself when things go way out of whack as they are now.

Sometimes Karma takes a very long time to be apparent – but I do believe it does, and I also “keep the faith” so to speak that good and bad will always at least cancel each other – but more than not – good will conquer evil. Because of this simple philosophy, I can get into the minds of artists from the past – especially those who art or poetry seems “cryptic” and maybe get an idea of what they were thinking. Sometimes it becomes a game of “forensics” – and by looking at their art or words as a photographer looks at a scene from all angles – the “aha” moment happens. That is when its most fun for me. Its also why I like radio propagation – like listening to a Canadian AM radio station instead of the “usual” Klamath Falls AM radio station. Or when DX just seems to pop out of nowhere.

Now you know what my thinking has been since the early 80’s art wise. Because my career is in high tech – coding and working with data all day, when I get a chance to work with my hands – first designing and then building an antenna, or thinking of a photographic scene and then shooting it – or composing a song – it gives me great balance from the day to day data world I spend most of my time in. That and exercise balances my internal scale and also de-stresses me.

And many days – just day dreaming and letting my mind wander is as good as actually “doing something”.

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