New California Covid-19 Peak Curve Update

Thank you Governor Newsom for having the guts to be the first in the US to “shelter in place”

The Governors in the US who had the presence of mind to lock down their state – and listen to the experts – while our stable genius was stroking his massive ego. The curve is flattening, and the peak date is now a week sooner than the first time I looked at this web site:

The real hero as far as communication and leadership in this Covid-19 Pandemic has been Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York – who has had an incredibly stressful situation on his hands. He has been resourceful and has shown leadership (that has been worse than absent in Washington). I hope Governor Cuomo ends up being nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. Of course Dr. Fauci and Birx and all of the health care workers are Heroes.

The other heroes have been the people in states who have also listened to experts and have been locked down in their homes – and have been practicing “social distancing”. Imagine that this is a Pandemic that doesn’t discriminate in any way – and that every human on the planet has been affected by this – and its truly an amazing thing. We do go out on a bike ride on the road each day and when we pass other people (with plenty of distance of course), everyone waves and says “hello”. We are all acknowledging each other in a way that you don’t even see over the Holidays. This is a different beast.

California has the 5th largest economy in the world. People like to trash California for various reasons, but that never bothers me – I’m from New Jersey, so I am used to people trashing the state I live in. But the innovation here and the belief in science here is top notch – UC Berkeley and Stanford are near by, as are other fabulous universities and of course Silicon Valley. It may not be a great place to retire – but its a great place to live while I’m working.

Stanford just developed a fast Corona-virus Antibody Test:

I like the idea where if you take that test and know that you have been exposed – that you are most likely safe to go back to work – because you have developed some level of immunity to the virus. Couple this with the peak at about April 14th (or maybe earlier as the trend has been going?) and it seems like maybe we will be back at work a bit sooner than I had expected. Rushing back would be counter productive, but again – science is the truth – ignore that man behind the curtain . . . who is a different shade of gray of “Pastor Gas”:

Or his son in law (who owns all our ventilators):

Its not over – and the worst is still to come. I do hope they come up with treatments and a vaccine sooner than later – but the whole idea to do the social distancing thing is working. I even think all of this started too late – that more lives could have been saved – but I’m thankful the Governors filled the gaping hole left by the Federal Government.

I will never forget who was watching out for the people – and who was watching out for only himself.

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