KY6R Big Mag Loops Update – Spring 2020

The KY6R Big Mag Loops – January 2020

We had a very dry Winter this year – only 50% of the normal rainfall, so I made hay while the sun shone – and experimented with mag loop receiving antennas, Wellbrook Preamps and my DX Engineering NCC-2. I have the best receiving antenna system that I have ever had – especially for the BCB, 160 and 80M bands, but these loops (2 separated by 70 feet or so and with Yaesu G450 rotators) work well up through (at least) 20M.

I had wondered what might happen as we go into the Summer months – especially on the AM BCB, and I have noticed (as expected) that the D Layer is with us a lot longer – very much based on the longer days. However, the D Layer does disappear fairly quickly after sunset – just as it does during the Winter. I have noticed a little more QSB and QRN, but its not as bad as I had expected.

I haven’t done any comparisons with any other band (yet), but will.

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