FREQ 300: 3D2AG – Fiji

#45 Towards the FREQ 300 – Fiji

Its been a long time since I bothered turning on the radio more than checking the AM BCB with the KY6R Big Mag Loops. 40M is in great shape this morning, and I do need Fiji QRP, so what the heck.

Win4K3Suite Panadapter Display – Nice!

Ham Radio QRP DXing is a lot less involved than the music writing and recording that I have been doing lately. Its still occasional fun – and CW is a “musical” ham radio mode – more than any other, that’s for sure. Its percussive and it does have a “swing” – or personalized sound to it. Everyone’s timing and emphasis – if they are hand sending, even with a keyer – is detectable, because unlike computer generated CW – its imperfect.

That imperfection makes it fun, and is why it’s the only mode I’m interested in any more.

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