The Battle for the Soul of America

Covid-19 Will Test The Soul of America

It’s striking to see people like London Breed, Gavin Newsom, Larry Hogan, Mike Dewine and Getchen Whitmer all working hard to help the front line workers (the Angels) battle Covid-19. There are also many millions (the “common man”) in the USA sacrificing and doing the right thing, and they far, far outweigh the entitled whiners who have no guts and no patience to basically save their own lives and others as well.

The Wise Old Owl

There are many stories about heroes who are getting us through this Pandemic. I do wish we could hear more of these stories – stories that are uplifting rather than about Trump – which is about as interesting as an OJ Simpson White Bronco slow speed chase.

I have to constantly remind myself of some “Karmaic Rules”:

  1. The bigger they are, the harder they fall. Bullies have big mouths and are all talk and no action. When they are pressed, they play the victim.
  2. What goes around, comes around
  3. One bad apple does not spoil the whole bunch – and there are literally many millions of good people for every bad person

I do think the 2020 Election is going to be America’s last chance to rectify what has been a 3 1/2 year Horror Show. Until Covid-19, it was easy to just laugh at the Schmuck in the White House. I remember his antics way back in the 70’s – but while he was a huge windbag, he was harmless. With Covid-19 – he has turned lethal.

Until November 3rd – when we face the test to save the Soul of America, its useful to remember that if all the good people were to stand up and demand better, we will come out of this perhaps even better than going into it.

We shall see – its all up to US.






2 Comments on “The Battle for the Soul of America

  1. Hello Rich, still enjoy your blog posts. You have a hard time over there in the US. I like the first picture of this post since I know what is written on the cape of death. Do you know it as well? 73, Bas


    • Yes – Spanish Flu. I have been reading about the 1918 Pandemic – to see where there are parallel’s and where there are differences.


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