A Few Rays of Hope

Mt. Shasta – Northern California – R. Holoch

I’m speaking for myself and those close to me who have thought a lot about this Covid-19 situation and whom I have had nice chats with. The single thread has been that this Pandemic and Crisis has made us all thought “What is most important in life?”. A secondary thread of discussion has been how inspired people have become to exercise differently – or even more than before, and to be creative more than they were before.

I have only had one day where I had some angst over this crisis – and that is the day we heard how my job would be affected by Covid-19. Yes, my job has been affected significantly by Covid-19, but I still have a job. In fact, even with the changes, something really amazing is happening. We had a Postgres DBA up until the end of the year – and she left and there has no one to pick up her work – so I volunteered. Now, I was an Oracle DBA from 1984 – 2005, so I have it in my blood. Its been so long since I was a DBA – but getting back into it – I found that I love it as much as I did when I wasn’t a burned out Oracle DBA. In fact, since I just completed a full re-design of our Data Warehouse and Data Pipelines, adding this new role makes a ton of sense – and I am sure helped me secure my job for a while longer.

Late last year I reconnected with buddies that I used to be in bands with way back in the 80’s. Like my “Post DXCC Ham Radio” pursuits – I have (finally) learned to love doing my hobbies just because they are fun. I have never been so inspired art and music wise. The last time I had some of this “juju” was in 2008 – during the last Great Recession and when I was in the worst years of a divorce with children. In fact – that was actually a lot worse than what I am experiencing now.

Monitoring the Nextdoor threads and getting Nixle blasts from the local Police and Fire Departments – I am seeing people be a bit more civil and empathetic than before. And of course – I have a new Love of local and state government – even with my anti-politician “bent”.

Finally, I have had in my mind that there will be 3 major developments that will happen at some point in time:

  1. There will be effective treatments available to keep people alive with Covid-19. Many lives will be saved
  2. There will be the level of testing needed so we can all get some level of confidence that its safe to return to society (albeit with masks and distancing)
  3. There will be a vaccine

It seems that 1 + 2 are happening now – I did get an email where I could go get a test at a drive through location. But because my work probably won’t re-open our office perhaps for the rest of this year, I will stay here safe at home and wait this thing out. I am contributing ti the economy but mainly by home delivery.

I am appalled and very angry at our Federal Government. If I didn’t get reamed with high taxes and zero benefits from them – I would ignore the antics of this ass wipe Trump administration. But I feel I’m getting screwed by the Federal Government. To balance that out – I also pay way too high taxes here in California, but on several occasions in recent years – while the state is far from perfect – I have received some tax payer benefits. We have good schools, good jobs, my road was repaved last year and that makes a huge difference, the roads I cycle on have been retrofitted with very cool green painted cycling lanes, and I like my local Police and Fire departments. The local politicians have been very open and out there having Town Halls and doing a really fantastic job of communicating and listening. Our local CERT Team and emergency management teams have been outstanding. Frankly, the SF Bay Area with its fabulous weather, natural beauty and science minded people make this the best place I’ve ever lived – far better than where I grew up in the Northeast.

This Pandemic is still very deadly – I have been saddened by what almost seems like an inordinate number of musicians who have passed away – (John Prine and Dave Greenfield especially), and its a reminder that while we are even starting to get used to this new norm, there is still plenty of danger.

Patience is the best cure for now.


2 Comments on “A Few Rays of Hope

  1. I’ve noticed packages are still getting through, but they are consistently not coming on time. Every carrier (USPS, FedEx, UPS) has recently failed to meet its delivery promises, and Amazon can take weeks to ship stuff out. I’ve had several packages sitting at the airport in Shenzhen for over a month because there’s no flight for them to take. I guess we’ll adjust eventually, but for right now, it seems like the delivery system is still pretty jacked up.

    Like everyone, I’m ready for things to get back to “normal,” whatever that will mean, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to jump right back in. But for sure I am tired of not being able to just wander into the hardware store without a tactical strike plan, and I’m tired of having to treat every package I receive as if it contains unshielded plutonium.


    • When toilet paper is plentiful – we will be one step closer to the new norm


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