The Pandemic Waltz

The KY6R Studio

Big fun in the KY6R Ham Shack and Music Studio. In fact, its perfect for both pass times.

Today I worked on a waltz. I wanted it to be a bit “dirgie”, but not too dark. I think the speed makes it dirgier than if I played it faster – this is where the tempo has a big affect on a song.

I’ve found some comfort in the minor keys, dirges and macabre art. But in all cases, it’s with a grin and shrug, because in the middle of what is a world wide killer pandemic, I’m having fun.

Enjoy Life’s Every Drop!

I’ve got a backlog of music and art projects.

The world has gone full Dada, so as soon as I can get to the back deck, I’ve got several assemblage projects and some photography projects too.

I hope to combine my music and visual art in videos.

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