Plague Doctor

Plague Doctor

I had some old assemblage “knick knacks” laying around, so I decided to put something timely together.

The Plague Doctor isn’t a Doctor – he has a Master’s in Science!

Its been interesting reading about the Bubonic Plague in Europe and the 1918 Pandemic – but the Plague Doctor really caught my attention.

The Plague Doctor did provide data on who was sick and where

It was especially interesting that Nostradamus was a Plague Doctor who provided sage advice regarding sanitary conditions.

This would be quite the Halloween costume this year . . .

Sadly in about 7 – 10 days we will see a spike in cases due to people or states or local areas that opened back up too early. Darwin Award / Natural Selection will be in charge.

Patience is more a virtue than ever.

4 Comments on “Plague Doctor

  1. Excellent assemblage art Rich. Really love it…you’ve made some nice photgraphs from it capturing the feel of it all….73, Bas


    • Thanks Bas – the Assemblages have served more as photographic props – still lives – and along the way I have given all but a few Assemblages away. Its been a way to give hand made gifts to friends who commented that they liked one or another.


      • Very nice Rich to give your art away. If only I lived near you I really would like the plague doctor ;-). Anyway, I was watching your post again today since it kept in my mind. It would be a great album cover for your Pandemic Walz….
        You probabely know I’m a great fan from english artist Steven Wilson. A song/video that comes to my mind in relation to this post can be viewed here… you find find several images from the plague doctors brother and sister 😉
        73, Bas


      • Excellent, thanks for the link. I hear touches of Radiohead and Cocteau Twins but a bit more prog rock style. It’s unique in its own right


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