Covid-19: Week 9 in Lock Down

Birch Trees in Bend – After The Snowstorm – R. Holoch

Its been long enough for this “New Norm” to feel like a new chapter. Big changes happened at work last week, but I still have a job, and I am more excited about work than ever. I have a new project that should kick off soon – and its something I’ve been trying to sell since about December. Maybe this Covid-19 has me realizing just how important it is to appreciate our lives while we have them. Make Hay as the Sun Shines.

I was quite amused at an interview with Democratic Strategist James Carville this past week – where he mentioned that Brad “The Devils Haircut” Parscale just purchased a Maserati, two condo’s in Florida, a Range Rover and God knows what other tacky Nouveau-Riche toys. He is Trump’s Campaign Manager – and there was some stories saying that he might get fired. I read in the Atlantic how Parscale comes from another “interesting” family just like Jared Kushner – another “fine” Father and Son duo. Parscale also received a PPP bailout of $800,00, which sucks because I have heard many companies who haven’t received such a bailout – and they had to have layoffs. Carville is a pretty interesting guy – very smart, very “homespun”, with a great sense of humor. He thinks that all of the people who have come and gone through Trump’s Administration have been fleecing him for all they could get – before they know their time will be up. He calls the Trump Administration a “Pack of Grifters”, and that cross checks with several other stories of late. Karma seems to work on many levels and many different ways. Its very, very obvious that Trump is super desperate – and Carville dropped a bomb by saying that Trump’s People have been feeding him phony poll numbers so they can keep their job and grift just a bit more – before the whole thing implodes. I laughed at how that statement will be seen by Our TV Watching Junky President – and how it will drive him out of his mind. Karma for sure.

This Obamagate thing is so laughable – you can see the desperation. I read another story where the writer said that Trump is like Hitler, but without the Brains or Balls. I laughed at that since I had thought the exact same thing. Long story short – Trump’s Game is known and now so old and stale – its about as impressive as yesterdays dirty underwear. Next cute diversion please – as people die in mass numbers in the US.

Sadly, America has to even read or know about this noise – the real news doesn’t even make it to the news any more. We have a real crisis, and we also have many fine people around the world working hard to come up with treatments and a cure – luckily, I have been able to find some of these stories – but I have to Google around to find these stories – unfortunately we are all subjected to the Daily Trump Clown Review.

How much lower will America Fall? The pit seems endless at this point. There will soon be spikes due to early re-opening economies in some states or some parts of states – get ready for this.

Even in what feels like The Worst of Times, I have been more creative and more energized than ever. I can only pray that they at least find a treatment while we wait for a Vaccine.

Until then, I am going no where and fast. They can open up whatever – and I will gladly let the Darwin Award Winners go and be the Canaries in the Coal Mines.

4 Comments on “Covid-19: Week 9 in Lock Down

  1. Funny — I look at Carville and I see just another grifter. It’s funny in a way to watch them all attempting to undermine each other. Washington DC is a lost cause. There are several passages in the Bible, as I recall, where it talks about God looking for just one honest person in an entire town and finding not one. That’s what DC has become.


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