Mandolin Orange

Mandolin Orange – The Songs I’d Love to be able to Write . . . 

I’ve been having so much fun playing and writing music – and I’m really digging the NPR “Tiny Desk Concerts” – man, every damned one of them seems pretty superb.

Mandolin Orange is a new favorite – but watch out – there are so many superb bands I’ve never heard of before that are just awesome – just checking out all the Tiny Desk Concerts might get you through your lock down!

Big Thief – very interesting:

And a favorite of mine since her days in 10,000 Maniacs – Natalie Merchant:

And Nickel Creek – if you know where Newton, NJ is – you’d understand how I have some true hick / hillbilly in me. Hard to image all these years later:

And the Pixies! – OK – this could go on forever . . . . .

Art is Life – especially during these Covid-19 Times. Do yourself a big favor – turn off that News Channel and switch to the art and music channel – you will thank me for the suggestion!




One Comment on “Mandolin Orange

  1. Or just cultivate any new hobby. I’ve been installing solar panels on the roof of my house, and I’m getting about 3 kWh/day now. Not a ton, but about 25% of my total electricity consumption. It’s been fun and not really all that expensive either.

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