Inspiration in Tough Times

Waiting for a post Covid-19 world

It’s only been two months since our life and world has been changed “forever”.

While it has been driving some people insane (thugs breaking a Target workers arm after being told to wear a mask), I’m finding great solace in “sheltering in place”.

There are many renditions of a theme that I subscribe to that I never would have in my 20’s, the Zen Buddhist phrase:

“The hardest thing to do is nothing”.

As a young man, I was impatient. I was in a band playing music in dive bars, but wanted success and fast. I was practicing my art but trying way too hard. I wrote some decent songs, but I had not lived long enough nor experienced life and it’s trials and tribulations much at all.

The paradox is – now that I am older, thoughts and creativity are flowing out of me, making me feel even more alive, and I already was doing well in that department since I got remarried almost 15 years ago.

The truth is, making it through a tough time is life affirming. Now add to this the fact that the entire world is going through the same thing. We truly are all in this together. I do think most humans do care about other people and that we hope everyone does well. I believe this because when we read it hear about someone else’s tragedy – even complete strangers, we get sad – we have empathy.

The foil to this are world leader pretenders, but they make us angry and even that makes us more human.

We are then inspired by the doctors, nurses, governor’s and others who are like firemen rushing in to put out a fire.

You know there are countless scientists and thinkers working very hard for a cure. Worldwide!

While we live in scary times, we need to have some hope because these things truly don’t last forever.

I’m just thankful that somehow I’ve become more inspired and less worried – because my local government did the right thing at the right time.

Maybe it’s a glimmer of confidence that leads to hope?

I will continue to tap into this energy because when (not if) things go back to normal, I might lose some if this energy and inspiration.

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