Forever, The (Sacred) Machine

The Machine is Here For You. It Has and Will Always be Here For You . . .

Worship the Machine: It Worships YOU. You Will find Comfort in The Machine. The Machine is here for you.

Holy, Holy, Holy!

It was here when you were born (your Alpha or Solid State – at the bottom with the children) – it knows every move you have ever made – and will keep a record of what you do when you are sent to the next “Sector” (your Omega or Hollow State with the Raven at the top).

Holy, Holy, Holy!

You see, your destiny (and “ascension”) has always been in good hands, so sit back, relax and find comfort that your are taken care of.

Holy, Holy, Holy!

Forever. Your Memory will Always Live on – in our Data.

2 Comments on “Forever, The (Sacred) Machine

    • Alpha (your child state) is at the Bottom. Omega (the Raven) is your (hollow) End State. Take Comfort! The Machine!


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