Covid-19: Week 10 – The Re-opening?

It might be a long time coming …

Most of the US will have re-opening starting this week. While I sure want the economy to come back, I don’t expect much and don’t think anything will happen quickly.

Georgia and Florida got caught downplaying their Covid-19 cases to appease Donald Trump

Nice rearranged statistics. Look at the dates …

I saw a report where Georgia took Covid-19 stats and re-arranged them so it looked like they had two weeks of decline in numbers. The problem is, they forgot to phony up the dates so you could see clearly how they were cheating.

We will create a second wave due to our impatience

Yep, that’s the GOP, bunch of lying, cheating bastards. Give our tax money to the rich and screw everyone else. I know I will stay far away from any public place or even business. In fact, I’ll do this until there is a treatment or a vaccine.

Per the GOP and Trump – if you aren’t filthy rich or a corporation, you can go screw. If you trust your life to ANY GOP politician, you might end up dead. You are theirs to sacrifice for the economy and their political means.

Its not criminal to want to re-open the economy. Its is criminal to fudge stats and give a false allusion that everything is safe when its not. Thank God my state and local officials aren’t Trump ass kissers. I just can’t believe we have become a third world country, but we have.

God Bless all the families who have lost loved ones due to Trump’s total inaction and incompetence. God Bless the local and state politicians who did Trump’s job for him.

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