Joy (Division) Ride

The Once Great America is Becoming a Failing Dystopian Wasteland Under Trump

Trump is an “accidental fascist“. He doesn’t have the brains or plan to be a real Hitler or Mussolini – it just looks like it (on occasion). He is the closest thing we have had to such a beast though. I suspect he echo’s some of his base – who ARE fascist. He is their Cult Leader – and they believe he is a fascist – which is quite amazing to watch. Fascism is a Cult, no different than Jim Jones and Jonestown. In fact – the religious angle fits like a glove. Trump is no Christian – Jesus would throw his ass out of the temple first and foremost. That’s why I changed the lyrics to match a real fascist – the song is about a Trump who would be a real fascist if he were smart enough – but thank God – he’s not. . America is one Trump “accident” away from hell and ruin though – his Covid-19 lack of response is proof beyond a doubt. Fascism is way too heady for what is going on – its actually stupidity, not fascism . . . His stupidity and projection is our only protection from the real thing.

Seriously, did you ever expect to hear your presidentv think or say “100,000 dead in America, could be worse”. Then say it’s a badge of honor? It’s like a horror show in noon day summer sun.

Make America Ghoulish Again,

Make Americans Foolish Again,

A Dystopian Wasteland We’ll Become

The Carnage and Wreckage of a Third World Slum

Think Good Thoughts! Make America Grate Again!

Make America Ghastly Again

Its Not If But When

Unless we get rid of World Leader Pretend

Our Democracy will end

Its Hard to Believe One Man Can Ruin a Country – But It Is Happening

The world watches in disbelief,

America is ransacked by a thief,

Old friends share our grief

Free us from Evil; Pray Our Release

Chorus …

He gets what he wants

He takes all he can

How one man can do this

I don’t understand

Toxic religion

The new world order

Echoes of fascism

Fought by World War Soldier

(My father was one of them)

That is my song for this Memorial Day – I am thinking of my Father who landed on the beach in Normandy to help eliminate the same terror that we are facing in our own White House today.

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