FREQ 300 #46: EA6NB – Balearic Island

I haven’t been very active Ham Radio wise – but it was a nice surprise to work EA6 QRP in Summer

We do usually get some decent EU DX on 40M during summer evenings. EA6NB is a beacon though – you can hear him almost always. He was one of my first DX QSO’s back in 2001 – when I started DXing.

My wife noticed that I am spending all of my free time with music these days – but every now and then a quick QRP CW QSO is nice. I told her that the only reason I stay in Ham Radio is CW, and that is the truth – if it weren’t for CW, I would sell my gear.

Its a great legacy, and one that will dwindle out probably after my generation is gone. I am very thankful that I was born when I was and was at the very end of the “hollow state” days – in fact, I was the punk kid that OOT’s unloaded their old Hallicrafters junk on – so I actually am post – tube days. I was able to experience that, CW, crystal controlled – and everything between that and SDR’s with great software control – especially my Win4k3Suite – and associated panadapter gear (RSP1 and Xonar sound card).


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