First Lap Steel Song Idea


The Fabulous Gretsch Electromatic Lap Steel

I wanted to combine old school with new school – something that would sound bizarre if I told you about in – in this case “Techno Dance Music with Lap Steel”.

I’ll have to change the synth I’m using for the high pitched “voice” – for some weird reason – it has a lag once I export to MP3. I’ll switch to something with a faster attack.

The challenge will be to keep it repetitive and interesting. I think at this point – using sparse sounds to wash in and out like waves would be the right idea – and also – maybe later the sounds in so it ramps up and then ramps down – just like sets of waves in the ocean. Some waves are bigger than others – so that’s how I will be able to keep it interesting and as “trance – dance” as possible.

I’m thinking that this could be best as background ambient techno that they play at cool lounges in SF and Oakland.

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