President Schmoe

Sad Clown Walking

I accept your challenge – to write a song or poem about Trump’s #SAD campaign death March.

I’ve always said only Trump can beat Trump. I am sure he will continue to make things worse for himself. He had nothing but massive luck to start with. His luck has run out in biblical proportions.

He went to Tulsa
To excite his base
Returned home a sad clown
With egg on his face

President Claribelle
Big floppy shoes
Returned home dejected
Tulsa rally blues

Helicopter march
Sad song from the Hulk
Returned home disheveled
The Incredible Skulk


Karma is great
You reap what you sow
Send in the Sad Clown
President Schmoe

Update: Barbara Streisand did a hilarious parody of “Send in the Clowns” about Trump. Google it, it’s out there.

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