The Trump Stomp

It’s time to put your boots on
March out for what’s just and right
Never let our guard down
Our countries worth the fight

Trump divides our country
Fine people on both sides
Stokes racist hate, injustice
Lets regain our Pride

The Pandemic is his nemesis
His head is in the sand
The economy is in tatters
Let’s take back our land

More Americans will perish
He should be tried for Treason
Negligent pandemic homicide
Is the biggest reason

Under his reign of terror
More deaths will be for sure
Will surpass the death toll
Of the Civil War

It’s time to put the boots on
Reclaim for us what’s right
Kick the incompetent bastard
Completely out of sight


These boots are made for stompin That is what we’ll do
Kick the White House Grifters out
And all Republicans too

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